How to be an Effective Motivational Speaker

If you think you have that drive to speak and inspire at the same time, then you must have, at some point in your life, thought about being a motivational speaker. This is a very interesting profession yet also requires a great deal of determination and patience to get to where you want to be. This does not mean that it is not possible. With time and practice, you might just be one of the most respected and effective motivational speakers of the age.
So what do you need to learn?

• Know What to Talk About.

Your aim is to motivate, right? So you want to think first about a topic you want to talk about. Is it about a relationship, business or work? Once you have a topic, ask yourself how you can deliver it in such a way that it will bring positive impact to your listeners. After all, this is your primary goal: to be able to motivate and change someone’s life.

You also have to keep in mind that people will not listen to you for more than an hour unless of course they find you too funny and entertaining at the same time. Make a 60 minute speech that is concise, significant yet interesting.

• Know your audience.

Consider the people you want to listen to your speech. Or if you already have a topic, you have to make sure that you invite people that can relate to your speech.

You can start small. Of course you still have to build your name in the industry. You can present your speech free of charge to the audience intended for your speech. Then you can move on to a fairly low fee first. If you happen to impress the people, word of mouth will get you somewhere. The important thing during this phase is the learning process. Which part of the speech did they get bored, which ones are amusing, how do you think you can improve in this area are all part of the experience.

• Be Unique.

Do you know that there are a lot of other motivational speaker out there? How can you be different with the thousand others? Of course, you can study how other speakers conduct their speeches but not so much as to copy their works and techniques. It is acceptable to learn from them but to create a facsimile of them; you will end up as a mere second-rate.

The technique is to be unique- to be you. Share it in a way that it reflects your own personality, thoughts, experiences and wisdom. Incorporate these things in your speech and you will do great.

• Ask for Feedback

m-1This part can be a little tricky. When we say feedback, we usually run to our family and friends for it. But you have to realize that if you aim to be effective, as harsh as this may sound, you will never find that honest and objective feedback from them. They will always be there to support you and make you feel better. No matter what you say, it will always be good. A constructive feedback may be given but not as helpful as the ones you should be getting.

If you want to get advice, present your speech to professionals in the industry who will give you concise feedback from speech delivery, material and presentation.

• Market Yourself

This might be one of the biggest parts of your motivational speaker career. Just like authors, you will never be the bestselling author if you do not know how to market yourself to people. Make use of the social media platform like Twitter, Face book and YouTube. Hire professional editors, videographers and planners that will make you and your work look respectable and professional.

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DUI Attorneys: Spotting the Real from Scammers

With the continuously changing litigation processes in different states, it has become recommended to procure specialized DUI attorney Salt Lake City advice and representation. This is most especially beneficial to repeat offenders. But even first timers will realize the advantages of having a real DUI lawyer ease them through the processes involved and handle their case for them.

Firstly, when checking into the practice of an attorney you are planning to hire, look if they are actually active in the DUI practice. It won’t do for them to just have handled some occasional cases. Don’t believe easy-out offers like those who boast that you won’t even have to go to trial. Some cases indeed don’t need trial and it might be in the retainer agreement. Don’t get impressed with those who offer what are actually normal proceedings. Also, don’t easily believe that you will get your case dismissed on the bat, because that is a result of the trial and will depend on a lot of factors. Many lawyers would want to get your bucks easy by advising you to plead guilty. Rely on a DUI attorney Salt Lake City representation that would actually fight the case for you in court.

lawNext, most people will assure you that going to trial be all trouble and a downhill experience. But, having a DUI lawyer check out with the presiding judge what the indicated case on the record is and what will be the consequences whether or not you go to trial can actually make the decisions you need to make clearer and more specific. After determining if or not a trial is your best bet on the case and knowing what will happen in the instance of a conviction, you may actually discover that you’ll be better off going into trial.

Remember to get references. Ask someone you know who they hired for their DUI case. It’s sometimes tricky to get a reliable firm that can assign you competent lawyers. There are many that would just immediately plead guilty for you, while not even reviewing your case for investigation. After all, that is the easiest procedure for them and a big expense for you. You may have that chance to plea bargain later, but if the bargain is not that good for you, you must have an attorney that goes to the trial in the first place.

You should consult with a DUI attorney Salt Lake City representative which you are interested in hiring and ask for an interview before actually paying off the fees. You should try to see if they are passionate and enthusiastic about their work. You should find out as much as possible about their experience and competency as well, both in the DUI area and in others.

Finally, you have to know exactly who will handle your case. Sometimes, you would want to rely on a big name firm for a DUI attorney Salt Lake City defense representation for your case to ensure dismissal. It is mostly because they should be famous for a reason, right? But you have to realize that you should not rely on a firm that sells out big name attorneys to you. Unless of course it is stated, in black and white in your contract, that the big name attorney will handle the case for you. Otherwise, since the top-notch associates are busy, they would just hand off your case to their newbies or even outsource some unknown attorney. As much as possible, conduct your consultations in person with your chosen attorney. That way, you’d know exactly who would be handling your case.

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Tips for Continuing the Tradition of Trading Custom Baseball Pins

The tradition of trading custom baseball pins has been a large part of baseball culture. However, pin trading is not limited to baseball—it is part of sports culture in general as well. It harks back to the first modern Olympics held in 1896. During the Athens Olympics, athletes and officials were given badges for identification. Almost a decade later, athletes themselves introduced custom pins similar to the badges of the Athens Olympics. In celebration of international cooperation and friendship through sports and athletics, the participants themselves began swapping and trading the pins. It started as an almost exclusively Olympian activity—during the earliest days of the tradition only Olympic participants swapped the pins among themselves.

This all changed in the 1980s when pin trading was introduced to spectators as well during the Winter Olympics—and it was an instant hit. Soon, both athletes and spectators were engaged in trading. In 1983 Little League Baseball released its very first official trading pin—and it has been an inseparable component of the sport ever since it started gaining popularity, with participants even coming up with their custom baseball pins for novelty and variety.

custom baseball pinsBy the latter part of the decade, even corporations have joined the pin trading craze. Coca-Cola even had its own pin trading center in the Olympics, and its dizzying success ensured that the corporation would soon install official pin trading centers in every Olympic even that followed.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a budding rookie in the world of baseball pin trading, here are some tips to guide you as you go along. First, make sure to order an adequate amount of pins. This is especially important if you are part of the management ordering pins for your players. Since pin trading is also an important aspect of the game for the players themselves, you have to make sure everyone has plenty to trade. For most players, this is the chance not only to have fun interactions with their co-players inside the team but also with other players of other teams. Don’t rob your players of the opportunity to build great memories by ordering too few of these pins—and remember that these are usually cheaper when ordered in bigger quantities.

Secondly, go big. Nobody wants a pin with letters that can’t be deciphered or designs that can’t be distinguished. No matter how beautiful the design is, the pin is sure to flop if no one can see it because of its minuscule size anyway. This will not only waste the effort you put into designing your custom baseball pins—this might also waste the pins themselves, since no one might want to trade for them. Going big will make sure that your designs will be well-appreciated. Bigger, heavier pins also feel better to the touch, making their larger size a big plus for pin traders looking for new additions to their collections. These pins are sure to attract more attention in the trading arena.

Lastly, make sure that your pins are different—add features and accessories that would make your pins unique. This will give your pins a strong competitive edge when you are trading them for other pins—maybe you can even have two or three regular pins in exchange for one accessorized pin.

Remember that pin trading has had a long history—and you would have to go the extra mile to stand out. Among the most popular ways of accessorizing custom baseball pins are adding danglers, blinkers, spinners, sliders, or glitter effects on the pins. With these tips, you can make sure your pins are highly sought-after in the trading arena, in continuation of the long tradition of pin trading.

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Silicon Wristbands: A Personal Fashion Statement

Silicon wristbands can be found everywhere – in fashion accessory stores, sports apparel stores, and other stores that cater to people who want to express their personality through the accessories that they wear. The downside to buying from these stores is that they can sometimes be grossly overpriced, especially those that carry a well known brand name across the bracelet’s face. A lot of people are also turned off by the generic nature of these wristbands. They no longer represent one’s personality; rather, the buyer must adapt and choose the closest fit. Luckily, several companies that used to supply wristbands in bulk now also sell personalized wristbands made out of silicon to people who want to buy anywhere from 1-5 pieces of the same design. These are slightly more expensive than when the bracelets are ordered in large quantities, but overall, they are still much cheaper than buying the plain ones over the counter. Now that these customized wristbands are available to the general public, the question is which design to choose. There are a lot of different colors and designs to choose from when buying customized silicon wristbands. Here are just some of the possibilities customers can mix and match:


silicon wristband• Solid colored wristbands – These bracelets seem plain at first, but after the lettering has been printed or embossed (or debossed) on the band, it won’t look so plain anymore.

• Segmented – Two colors, one band. This is perfect for those who can’t choose just one color. It’s also great for people who want to show their support for their school or favorite sports team by choosing their team or school’s official colors.

• 3 or 6-color segmented – Colorful people wear colorful silicon wristbands and these two color options can show just how colorful one’s personality really is.

• Swirled/Marbled – Imagine a plain colored band jazzed up with black, white, or gray swirls. This color option allows people to show sophistication or playfulness depending on the colors used.

• Glow/Neon – The colors under this category are perfect for people with personalities that are larger than life. Wearing neon colors on one’s wrist takes guts – and those who have them shouldn’t hold back.

• Metallic – Simple and sophisticated are two words that often come to mind when one sees a wristband in this color category. Their neither too loud nor too muted and they look good with almost any design pattern.

• Color-coated/two-tone – Buyers can combine two colors with this option to create a hip, trendy, and unique silicon bracelet. The wristband is created in one color and the outer part is coated with another color to match what the customer wants.


• Embossed – This is one of the most common design patterns where the words or logo are raised on top of the band’s face creating a 3D effect.

• Debossed – A popular choice among people who customize their own silicon or rubber bracelets, the words and design for this type of bracelet are engraved into the material, making them easily readable.

• Color-filled – This type of design takes the popular debossed design and takes it up a notch by filling in the engraved area with paint of another color. This creates a smooth surface with a very clear message.

• Color-coated – This design type is gaining in popularity because it makes the message or logo on the bracelet really stands out. Unlike the color-filled where the engraved area is painted a different color, with this design pattern, the whole face is painted with another color before the engraving process begins; creating a design that is clear, even at a distance.

There are still a lot of other things that can be done when customizing silicon wristbands. When ordering from a manufacturer, make sure that they have all these options and more for better personalization and customization.

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Swinging to Success

Playing golf is no easy feat. This is more obvious when one is a beginner with less-developed skills and abilities. But all professionals were beginners once. They all started out as scrawny youngsters itching to play the game (or not). But aside from rigorous training and exercise, one of the factors that brought them to success is the quality of equipment that they use.

For the world of golf, a wide array of products is readily available. From putters to iron clubs and golf shoes to golf balls, each piece of equipment must be scrutinized for superior quality to guarantee success in the course. While skill is certainly needed in wielding the weapons of the sport, choosing the right product can lead to bigger advantages in the long run.

Take for example the California-based Callaway Golf Company. The brainchild of the innovative entrepreneur Ely Callaway, this company paved the way for the creation of exquisite and top of the line golf clubs nine years after it was established in 1982.

CG-2The company started making waves when they introduced the Big Bertha driver to the golfing world in 1991. It was named after the super-heavy Horowitz developed by the Germans during World War I. It was meant to evoke images of the weapon, and, indeed, the Big Bertha Callaway golf club lived up to its name.

Back when clubs were still being made out of persimmon wood, Big Bertha made a splash in the market with its stainless steel body and a head that had a volume of 190 cm3, a size that was a far cry from the clubs that were being made during that time. Since then, this particular line of Callaway golf clubs has become a by-word among enthusiasts and pro-golfers alike.

As a testament to the popularity of the brand, several lines of clubs released by the Callaway Golf Company after 1991 bore the name of Big Bertha: Great Big Bertha, Biggest Big Bertha, Great Big Bertha II, and Big Bertha 454, among others.

Today, the Callaway Golf Company is known as the largest maker of golf clubs all over the world, and it is no wonder why. With the success of their Big Bertha clubs and the other visionary products that followed, pro-golfers might as well consider the company a trusted friend. As a matter of fact, world-famous golfers such as Stuart Appleby of Australia and Cameron Beckham of the United States of America advertise their clubs.

Choosing the right club for one’s current skill and expertise should not be guided by instinct but by sound experience and advice. Players must consider their current golfing skill level, which is not only recommended but required. It is important to feel comfortable with one’s choice of equipment. It must be remembered that companies make clubs with different athletes in mind. Beginner golfers may find it hard to play using clubs made specifically for skilled players, and vice versa.

The characteristics of each club must also be considered – its center of gravity and moment of inertia, among others.

Do not fret, however, because it does not take a physicist to solve the riddle of which club to choose. In order to aid in the decision-making process, prospective players are advised to try each and every club they think suits their current skill level. That way, theoretical scenarios are not the only ones driving one’s motivation to choose a particular set of clubs. Rather, it is now guided by experience.

As with any other sport, golf is a game that must be played with skill and strategy. Merely hitting the ball is not good enough. One must strive for greatness with sufficient training and exercise. But without the right equipment, even the best golfer in the world would be rendered powerless.

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A Spotlight on Printed Circuit Boards

Human technology continues to grow at an exponential rate. Every few years, major innovations in technology occur. Nevertheless, there are some innovations which continue to be relevant throughout all these years, and the invention of the printed circuit board is sure to be among them.

Basically, printed circuit boards connect the electrical components of most devices together, forming circuits. Due to this, they are similar in function to wires, which are also used in making electric circuits. Their main difference lies in the way they do their jobs. Wires take up too much space, use lots of resources, and become prone to short circuits as they age and their insulation degrades. Printed circuit boards, on the other hand, take up less space and are well protected against short circuits. They can cram many circuits into a tiny space. Since the amount of circuits in a device determines the capability of such a device to handle complex tasks, printed circuit boards are inherently superior when it comes to computing power.

A printed circuit board consists of one or more layers of conductive material supported by an underlying substrate. Copper is abundant, electrically conductive, and corrosion resistant, which is why manufacturers frequently use it in creating printed circuit boards. The circuits are located on the conductive layer. To create the circuits, enough copper is stripped away during production, leaving narrow lines of copper on the surface of the bare substrate. These enable electrical signals to travel to the various components attached on the board.

Another layer, called the soldermask, is present on many circuit boards. This gives the circuit boards their distinctively green color. This layer also protects the copper circuits from pieces of metal or other conductors which might otherwise form short circuits. An additional layer forms symbols or text on the surface of the circuit board, informing manufacturers about the different connections present on the board. This layer, termed the silkscreen layer, typically has a white color.

The substrate, which forms the bulk of the printed circuit board, uses non-conducting materials, usually fiberglass or plastics, to form a physical barrier between adjacent copper circuits. Without them, short circuits would occur and damage the device. The substrate also mechanically supports the other parts of the circuit board. Furthermore, the substrate layer protects more delicate components from any shocks.

The arrangement of the conductive and insulating layers on the circuit board, as well as the number of conducting layers present, determines its type. Roughly three types are available in the market. Circuit boards belonging to the first type are called single-layered boards and contain only one conductive layer. Since they are easier and cheaper to produce but contain fewer circuits, their usage is limited to simple, low-end electronics. Boards in the second type are dubbed double-layered boards and have two conductive layers. Although they are harder to produce, they can carry more circuits and handle more electrical components. They are the most common type of printed circuit board. All other circuit boards are aptly named mulch-layered boards. Containing more than two conductive layers, these circuit boards are difficult to manufacture but have the greatest computing power.

p2-3For double-layered and mulch-layered boards, holes plated with a ring of conductive material are used to connect circuits which belong on different conductive layers. This allows the creation of more complex circuits.

Other components are attached on the printed circuit board. These components, which may include resistors, capacitors, and integrated circuits, employ the network of copper lines on the circuit boards to supply themselves with electricity, modify the electric current, or send signals to other components.

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Beat the Heat: Misting Fans

With the weather conditions growing worse with each passing day, people have been looking for means in which they are able to avoid sweating profusely. In a place where pollution is also very widespread, it all the more raises the demands for something that prevents individuals from feeling humid by the end of the day. To cope with the heat, some individuals would go for heading to the ice cream stalls, cafes, or perhaps the nearest convenience stores to purchase something that will place something cold in their bellies. Other people, on the other hand, would go to malls, offices, or any place wherein an air conditioner is used 24/7, then perhaps bring a book or two to keep themselves occupied. In most cases, people who would prefer to stay at home make use of the traditional fan, or perhaps the electric fan, yet as the heat grows more intense each day, the demand for something else to provide comfort rises.

Recently, individuals have been purchasing a new kind of equipment that utilizes air misting fanand water to keep an individual satisfied in spite of the summer heat. A misting fan is a type of equipment which makes use of a light mist to lower the temperature and keep the person happy. This is commonly seen in outdoor venues such as those found in sports events or perhaps outdoor conventions. Companies have been producing misting fans that are more convenient for people who would want to have them placed in their homes.  Recently, restaurants and other indoor events also make use of these misting fans to facilitate in the temperature regulation of the place, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

One quality that misting fans possess which makes this popular in the market would be how it utilizes environmental factors, mainly the heat. The misting fan makes use of the heat as a catalyst that will convert the water that is initially placed in the misting fan to a gas, which would then be released as mist. In a way, the misting fan is a scientific process because it uses the heat to evaporate the water as a cool gas that increases the humidity, thereby making the room cooler. In addition to this, it lets the cool air circulate naturally, thereby lessening the risk of diseases spreading around the room. Adjusting the degree to which one wants the room to be cold would be limited for misting fans, because it would still solely depend on the amount of heat that’s present in a room. It’s a common assumption that the use of misting fans would result a wet floor, thereby steering potential customers away from purchasing a misting fan. On the contrary, the misting fans have very fine nozzle openings for a tiny amount of water to pass through and evaporate into the heat of the room.

There are two types of misting fans: The indoor and the outdoor fan. As mentioned earlier, the outdoor misting fans are commonly found in big events which take place under the blazing heat of the sun. This type of fan requires the use of a larger source of water, so purchasing one will usually include a hose and a nozzle for the individual to set up during events, or even when they feel like it. This has more controls that can adjust the settings of the equipment. Usually, the mist is more noticeable due to the size of the water droplets released into the air. Indoor misting fans, on the other hand, are simpler. It is the same size as a regular electric fan, except for the fact that there is a holding tank below the fan, wherein water can be placed inside for the fan to maintain the cool temperature.

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The Benefits of Online Shopping with Diamond Supply Co

The internet has revolutionized the way people do shopping. More than ever before, people are using the web for purchasing and selling various consumer goods such as clothing, technology, beauty products, furniture, or in some cases even groceries.

The thought of not having to dress up, drive their way into traffic and wait in long lines has caused many people to prefer online shopping over the conventional one.

Consumers are now Diamond Supply Coempowered unlike never before. They expect companies to have a website where they can buy their products or services, or else they turn to those who have. Even small companies are assumed to have web presence; otherwise they are believed to be fly-by-night businesses that customers tend to shy away from.

Online stores have dramatically increased in number these past few years. This is mainly because of this big change in the consumers’ mindset.

Diamond Supply Co is an example of an online store that caters customers’ needs to shop in their most convenient time and from the comforts of their own homes.

To give you a background, Diamond Supply Co is a clothing and accessory line using skateboard and street wear designs. It is founded in 1998 by renowned skateboarder and designer Nick Tershay.  This well-known fashion and sports personality also known as Nick Diamond is also credited for his work with Nike’s sneaker designs.

And like all web stores, Diamond Supply Co offers the following benefits of online shopping:

1.  Convenience – This is probably the best thing about buying online. As mentioned above, you don’t need to get dressed, go through traffic jammed streets, and wait on queues. You also don’t even have to wait for a store’s operating hours to be able to buy things. As long as you have an internet connection, you can visit their website anytime you want, day or night.

Additionally, you can easily find the product you want by browsing through their systematic merchandise guide and buy without even getting out of your pajamas. If you work irregular hours or are very busy, then shopping online will allow you to purchase things without interrupting your schedule.

2. Better Prices – Not only is it convenient to shop online, you also have the ability to compare prices from hundreds of different vendors with just a few clicks of a button. You wouldn’t have this opportunity shopping in a physical store. If you are not willing to drive through different establishments, you will have to settle for whatever price the store has placed in a particular item.

Online stores, such as Diamond Supply Co, usually offer lower prices because products come to you directly from them without any middlemen involved. Also, you may not be taxed because web stores are only required to collect tax if they are located in the particular state where you are in.

3. Variety – Obviously, the shelf space of a physical store has limitations. They can only hold a limited number of items, and your choices can only be based on what a store has to offer. This is not true when it comes to online shopping.

The power to choose from store to store here and across the world is at the tips of your fingers. When you shop online, you can buy from retailers in others parts of the country or all over the world, which gives you an infinite choice of products.

4. Discreet Purchases – There are some products that are better bought in privacy. For instance, buying lingerie in a physical store is impossible without a few awkward stares from other customers. The Diamond Supply Co web store gives you all the privacy you need when you want to purchase discreetly.

CraniumFitteds started with mitchell and ness and diamond supply co from its humble beginnings with the goal of providing you with a great online shopping experience.

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Generate Leads to Your Website through Live Chat

The talk about ApexChat among online advertisers is everywhere. There are a couple of hits and misses about this live chat software and service provider. It would be worthy to take a closer look at what the deal really is about this service provider. What good could it bring to your business? Is it really beneficial or is it just another log in the woods? The questions and doubts are many and that is a good sign, both for you and your business because it means that you are really taking precautions. It really would not hurt for business owners to investigate and find out what benefits they can really get from this company and the products and services it offers.

live chatOnline advertisers could use live chat to turn every viewer or visitor into a customer. This is attainable because of the capability to attend to the concerns of every website visitor that comes to the page. With live chat, the visitor will feel that there is someone who cares about his questions and that he could have his questions answered by somebody with the expertise and skills to help him. So, once the visitor comes into contact with the agent, the agent could advertise or promote his business website to the visitor, therefore generating leads through clicks.

ApexChat offers instant messaging or call connects to its visitors, so it makes their stay more interactive. Usually, the visitors of business websites are people who are looking for something that might possibly entertain them. Remember that these people are in your website because they are looking for a solution to a particular need. They are looking for this solution in your website. All you need to do is to convince them that the solutions that you are offering are the ones they really need.

It is natural that they will have questions and doubts in their decision making. This is where live chat comes in. You can address your customers’ fears and doubts. Know what your target market wants and provide them with quality products and services. Nothing is more convenient that conversing with someone who knows just exactly the answers to your questions and the solutions for your problems. Quality customer service is always on top of the list.

Online advertisers are in constant race and competition, so they have to make their presence in the web widely and popularly known. And not only that, they should be able to achieve it in a professional manner. Otherwise,their reputation and credibility will be at stake. ApexChat gives your online business a competitive edge from all other advertisers because of the live chat feature. Hence, as an online advertiser, even though you already know your audience and target market, you have to make the move to go to them and not wait for them to look for you.As an online advertiser, initiate contact with a visitor which could possibly be your next customer.

Do not underestimate the power every visitor could bring to your website. With the satisfying and efficient service you provide, the visitor could possibly recommend your website to a friend who is also having the same dilemma. When that friend’s dilemma is solved and is contented with the effects, then he might suggest your website to another friend, and the cycle goes on.You will have more and more visitors coming into your website, therefore you could advertise your business to many people. This obviously results in more leads, more clicks, and more dollars.

Statistics have shown that an increase of 30% in leads after adding the chat feature. This is achieved once the agent has gathered the contact information of the visitor. And once the information is available and the chat is done, the leads will be immediately sent to the online advertiser. This feature might just be the thing that will do the trick for your business to grow.

Author Bio

ApexChat will develop a custom script (set of canned responses) that will be used by our live chat agents to conduct chats on your behalf. We have processed hundreds of thousands of chats on behalf of thousands of businesses of different types. We have deep insights into what works and what doesn’t.

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Increase Site Traffic with Good Content

Good content is an important aspect of SEO. No matter how well-built your site, you won’t succeed in generating site traffic if you cannot offer good material to your visitors.

Here are general tips that will guide you to create well-written, SEO-friendly content for your website.

What to do:

  • Write for your readers. Instead of worrying primarily about search page ranks, offer interesting and fresh pieces that people will actually want to read. What people want and what search engines tag as good posts aren’t necessarily the same, but creating good content will help you increase your site traffic even when your site isn’t topping a search engine’s results page.
  • Make lists. ContentBoth numbered and bulleted lists are easy to read, and are often more interesting than heavy blocks of text.
  • Keep it short and simple. When you write for the online audience, you need to write a piece brief enough so that readers could browse through them during breaks. Around 500 to 700 words is a safe word count for.
  • Write like a journalist. A journalist uses the inverted pyramid structure, where all the relevant information is found on the first paragraph of an article. The rest of the piece should be supporting details that expound on the information found in the first paragraph.
  • The inverted pyramid is meant for on-the-go users, who usually have only a short time to skim through news and articles.
  • Use keywords. Keywords are a relevant aspect of SEO and will definitely help increase traffic for your site. Keyword research tools can help give you an idea of popular keywords. However, make sure your chosen keywords are relevant to your content.
  • Think of catchy and relevant titles. A list-type of title (e.g. “7 sure-fire ways to lose weight”) is a great way to attract more visitors to your site
  • Use headings and subheadings for your titles and subheads. These are important tools to help make the process of web searching and indexing more efficient.
  • Make sure you include your keywords in your heading tags. Search engines have a way of knowing whether the words in the headings are relevant to the entire content of a web page.
  • Include links in your content. It would be better if you place hyperlinks inside the text body instead of creating a separate page list of links and resource.
  • Proofread. Never, ever publish articles online without editing them for possible grammatical and punctuation errors. Even the simplest errors can put off visitors from ever returning to your site.

What not to do:

  • Don’t use keywords for the sake of using keywords. Overstuffing your content with keywords will cause your web page to be marked as spam by search engines. On average, you should use a keyword only 2 to 4 times for every 500 to 700 words of content.
  • Never use Spamglish. Spamglish is a term used to refer to an unethical SEO practice wherein web masters stuff an entire list of keywords into nonsensical sentences and paragraphs.
  • Not only will search engines remove your site from search results, it will decrease your site traffic because users will most likely be annoyed with your website.
  • Don’t sacrifice content for the sake of SEO. It’s better to write good content that does not follow the rules of SEO than write a strict SEO-friendly article that nobody will want to read.
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